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Apply Liquid Eye Liner the Safe Way

Want a eye liner set up that is smooth? Get you in the with the cool girls and make people see you as the next hot thing. Try painting your eyes with a liquid eye liner. Use the best drugstore liquid eyeliner materials you can find to get the slickest look. Make your eyes look dark like the night’s shadow. Become one with the dark and the night life. Tell the boys you are ready to do whatever tonight. If you need tips on how to make it happen, look below.

Choose the Eye Liner You Want

There are many eye liner applications to choose from. You can get them from the best drugstore liquid eyeliner in town, or from a hair store you saw down the street. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something you want to wear. Eye liners come in many colors. Black is the most common. A lot of girls like wearing that and I am one of them. Black eye liner is especially good for attracting a guy at a club or going on a date. Its also good for persuading guys to do something under the skirt. Black eye liner can also be used for business reasons. But, I suggest you use a little at work places. You don’t want to make it where you have to sleep with the boss to get the job. Use a little to look professional and act like you just there for the job.

Prepare Your Eyes Beforehand

Very important to prepare your eyes before using any eyeliner. When you first look in the mirror and try to put make up on the eyes, you need to decide whether you want eye shadow. If you want the eye shadow, you have to put it on first. Do not put it on last. After that, you put on your eye liner on your eyes. The eyeliner always go on last. Never forget. Before everything, you should wash your face with water before you start putting make up at all. The water will make it easier for your face to have make up. It will also make the crust in your eyes go away. The crust is there every morning. That little crust can get in the way of your eye liner make up. Please wash your face with water for the very first part.

Draw Dots On Your Eyes and then Connect Them

Draw dots and connect for applying eye liner on your face. You need to remember this step for adding eyeliner to your face. First, you draw little lines in a vertical line way. Make the line with the eye liner paint. Put some pace between them. Pretend you are making vertical lines on your eye lid with a really tiny measuring tape. Draw up and make small lines on the top and bottom eye lid. Make it long if you want a big eye liner. Make it short if you want a small eye liner. Once you made the lines. Connect the vertical lines with a horizontal line. Then, you fill in the space on the bottom with the paint eye liner. The end process should be good and make your eyes look better. Make sure you practice in the mirror before doing this in a public bathroom. Practice because you really need to know what your doing to your face.

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