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What to Put On Head After Shaving?

When questioning about their fathers ‘ earliest and loveliest memories, many people remember standing by the door of the bathroom and being fascinated, when their dad worked on a rich white lather with a hug of shaving cream and then swiftly scooped it away with Braun razor. We nostalgically remember how their fathers can sometimes spread on their faces to build a lifetime of memories. If you like wet shaving and you want a clean, smooth shaving, investing in best shaving cream for bald head is absolutely essential.

What to Put On Head After Shaving?

Often people used soap, oil or water to shave. This often led to uneven shavings, painful nicknames and cuttings, and dry skin. Due to the growing demand for men’s skin care products, we now have a range of shaving creams, gels and oils.

The industry varies in quality, fragrances, ingredients and packaging include a wide range of brands of shaving creams / gels / oils. The creams contain basically a combination of oil, soap, surfactants, water and/or alcohol and can be bought in spray cans, tubes and bathrooms. Most creams fulfill all the above functions. Nevertheless, some creams have additional advantages.

What’s Men’s Best Shaving Cream?

Not all men have the same skin type. This is important to understand when you buy a cream. Some people have sensitive skin and daily cream shaving will damage your skin more than healthy, so don’t continue to use it!

There’s no 1 miracle shaving product for all guys. There are several great products for specific types of skin and you can finally get a flawless shave.

If you have had razor burn, razor scratches, product hair or a shaving problem then the poor cream or the wrong razor and procedure are probably being used. A close shave isn’t science about missiles, it’s just about choosing what drug to use.

Of course, if you shop at your local food shop, you will find no many options; you will find a more convenient and cheaper range online, preferably in trusted online retailers like

Skin types

The common types of skin for men are sensitive skin, oily skin and dry skin. Search for shaving crème that contains natural ingredients and ideally without any scent if you do not know what type of skin you have. This is also recommended for men with sensitive skin but several manufacturers are proud to show on the label the type of skin for which their product is intended.

Don’t worry if you’ve got oily skin, you should find a shaving cream that’s perfect for you. One of the best manufacturers, The Art of Shaving offers a great lemon shaving cream designed for men with mild to oily skin. This also refers to dry skin, there are great products out there, so look for skin-type products.

It is also important that you use the right razor. People with sensitive or issue skin typically find it best to shave with razors with fewer blades or with a safety razor with two handles. See also men skin care for follow-up with a hydrating agent or pre-shaving products, including facial wash or facial scrub.

You don’t have to use some product or adopt any skin routine. Use a procedure that delivers the best performance. Women with sensitive skin use pre-shave oils and moisturizer, while women with oily skin need more face scrub and women with dry skin need more humidifier products.

What are the best shaving creams for me?

I bet that you’re always tired of cutting your skin, that’s why you need the best shave cream out. What most people don’t understand is that their razor and shaving lotion work together to give you the rasp you want. This is why you always need to have a good razor and the right cream to shave your face.

What’s the best with your skin cream?

This is a difficult question to answer because everybody has different skin types, but there is a better way to see what shaving lotion you can buy. Many people buy the most expensive shaving lotion and hope that it works, but the fact is that the quality has no effect on whether or not shaving cream works.

What to buy Shaving Cream


Barbasol was one of the best creams ever, and will continue to be. The reason I say this is that it is not so light that it does not do anything and that it has no unpleasant aromas that many shaving lotions do. Now, what you need to remember is that Barbasol has long been around, so most people do not think it works. I just know the Barbasol is still there because it works and works well.

Coochy Cream

Another very popular cream that you could use is Coochy shave cream. This is designed for women who shave pubic hair, which is why it works so well to prevent pain and ingestion of blood. This is a nice shaving lotion to use and you have to try it if you want the best shave.


You probably know or used Veet in the past if you are a woman. I just say this because Veet is a very popular brand used daily by many people. Most people believe that Veet only works for women, but the fact is that it works well also for men. All you need to do is buy an unscented shaving cream and with every shaft you make your skin should feel a lot softer and smoother.

These are the three main cream styles I highly recommend. It will not matter what you intend to shave, just choose which one you like best and use. However, as two of these are for women, they will also be gentle enough for men and you need them.

If your skin is really sensitive, avoid sodium laurel sulfate or menthol products. Although often used in such products, some types of skin may be very irritating (and may be because your current shaving cream does not work for you). Rather, look for a rich shaving cream with aloe and other soothing in it. Moisturizing shaking creams are a great idea, especially if you can just put it for a minute before you start shaving. Take good care of your skin and buy a nice cream-one that fixes the common shaving issues. You’re not going to regret it.

Easy Ways to Make Beard Less of a Problem

Growing a beard can be the coolest thing in the world, but its not just something you do to be cool that gets it grown. Many men think all you need to do is to put water on it and let it be. When in fact, you have to use the best beard shampoo and conditioner to make the beard bloom like it should. Your beard is not like the hair on your head. Its sensitive and needs more TLC then you would think. You must wash it with very careful hands and treat it like a child. Easy ways for you to treat your beard is listed below.

Don’t Scratch the Beard Too Much

As time goes by, you will be eager to scratch the beard. You will be very eager in my opinion. Each day will get worse and worse. The urge gets bigger and bigger as you watch the time pass on the clock. Everything in your body is telling you to quit not scratching and give in. However, you must not listen to your mind at that point. Your mind does not know everything. It tries to act like it know what is best for you but it does not always know what is best for you. Scratch less to get the beard to grow more. Scratching too much feels good, but the price is having your beard hair grow less. Scratching makes the beard hair weak you see.

Let It Grow

Growing your bead takes time and you got to be patient with it. Don’t expect it to happen over two weeks. Expect it to happen over 6 months. You can try cutting your face with electric clippers for six months. Then, try growing it out longer without the clippers. Cutting it with electric clippers stimulate the beard hair to grow. Slowly, they will grow and more hair pores will form on the face. Remember to cut with the guard off. Another thing to take note, its not going to happen when you want it to happen. It might take you a year to grow the beard out. You got to wait and get it to grow out little by little.

People are going to talk about you while you grow your beard. Growing a beard is a test of humiliation. People from all walks of life are going to try to convince you to cut it off. It will not grow if you do not let it. You must, let your beard grow out for a long period of time. If people ask why and you don’t have a answer, say to those people you are having a very depressing year. That excuse works every time. People will stop bugging you about it and let you grow it out.

Use Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

Washing the beard with beard shampoo and conditioner makes a big difference. Washing with the best beard shampoo and conditioner makes the process go even faster. All in all, you have a beard that needs certain chemicals to make it grow. Beard is not like the other hairs on body. Its very sensitive and needs a delicate touch. Giving it special shampoo will show a gentle touch to your beard. The beard will love you for it and be more inclined to grow.

The Right Products to Make Your Hair Look Good

Are your hair products not working like you thought they would? You bought the best natural shampoo and conditioners for men. Yet, the result came out really bad. The problem is you bought hair products that does not fit your hair type. We all have different hair types and you got to take notice of yours. We will help you with this problem. It is annoying but people like us care about your hair problem. View below to get help with this.

Figure Out What Your Hair Type Is

We all have specific hair types. Some of us have oily hair and some of us have dry hair. Figure out which one you are. There are specific shampoo and conditioner for people. Focus on the specific shampoo and conditioner for your hair once you figure out what your hair type is.

If you fall somewhere in the middle, then get the standard shampoo for oily or really curly hair. You lean more on the oily hair side, then get the standard for oily hair shampoo. Do the same for the other hair type. Its ok to mess this part up if your in the middle. In time, you will know what shampoo works best for your hair type. In the beginning, don’t be too hard on your self. Just remember that oily hair shampoo is for people who have horse hair. Really curly shampoo is for people who have afro like hair. This should be a good model to determine what shampoo you need to buy.

Give Hair Products You Buy Time

natural shampoo


It takes time to learn the best hair products for your hair. A man could buy the best natural shampoo and conditioner for his hair. Then, end up with a complete disaster. The best is not always the best. There are times when the really cheap shampoo is the best. Quality is not based on price. Its based on what works. Do not let someone tell you otherwise. That way of thinking will make you look foolish without knowing it.

Have You Styled Your Hair And Something Happened

Have you tried something new and it caused hair damage? Well, its not the end of the world. We can tell you a way to fix it. All you have to do is buy some cheap basic shampoo and conditioner. The basic stuff should get your hair to grow back over time. But, do not do anything to your hair for awhile. Do not style it or put anything with it. You got to let the hair grow in completely. Then, you style it and whatever else.

Also, be optimistic about having hair damage. It can seem like the end of the world. But, you can get your hair back the way it use to look. It might take months or two years, but it will be the way it use to look. Relax and go through the motions. Everything will be fine.