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What Shaving Cream is Right for You?

Picking the right shaving cream is not something you know off the dome. Just about every man has went to the super market and stood there. Stood there with no idea of what going to work or what brand should they buy. So many types of shaving creams to choose too. Not wanting to spend money, they go for the cheapest thing on the aisle. But, from my experience, choosing a shaving cream that is just right is about how it feels on your skin. Price has nothing to do with it. If you can find a shaving cream that fits the cheap price good. If not, then your going to have to fork over more dollars. With that, don’t be afraid to try a new shaving cream for shaving. If you need more information, read the content below.


Use Shaving Gels or Creams

Shaving creams are the most common type of shaving liquid for people shaving today. They look natural and you see them in the movies a lot. But, looks mean nothing to what works. To enumerate, shaving creams have a high level of moisturizing fats and glycerin. These two factors protect dry skin and make dry skin smooth. When you combine shaving cream with hot water, you got yourself a very soft watery liquid that can loosen all hairs on face to the extreme. Making it one of the best shaving gels for sensitive skin. Shave your face faster and easier by adding the hot water with it. Awaken the ingrown hairs and small pecks that don’t want to come off. Cut off everything with far less swipes. Most, apply cold water to shaving cream and think that is the best way. Though, it is not and now you know.

On the other hand, shaving gels are a bit more slippery for shaving. The liquids lets the blade cut 2 to 4 times sharper. Might be able to use one of those old razors with shaving gels. Gels are clear and add a high amount of moisture to skin. You can actually see the direction the hairs are growing. Making it easier to shave the hairs with no color gels. There are some that come in green and blue. But, I suggest you get the no color gels to have a view of what your shaving. To extend, shaving gels are particularly created for people with sensitive skin. They are the best shaving gels for sensitive skin currently. Try this if you have been having failure with every shaving cream you happen to get your hands on. It happens and that’s why you should try shaving gel like me.

 Know Your Skin Type for Shaving Cream

Important to know what skin type you have when you head out for a new shaving cream product. Yes, there are many ones that people claim work best for all skin types. However, its best to pick a shaving cream that fits your specific skin type. How do I know what skin type I have? The simple answer is to call your parents. Complicated answer is to try 3 different types of shaving creams and see what works. The types are oily, dry, and sensitive skin. Try specific shaving creams that fit all three of those types. I am sure your going to discover which shaving cream has the best performance on your skin. Consequently, your going to experience a bit of pain. So, be prepared for that as well. Just slight irritations for using the wrong shaving cream skin type. Relax, it is a normal and part of finding the right shaving cream for your skin type.

How to Put it On

Putting one on is easy. Take a little of shaving gel or cream out. Then, put it on your face. Smear it on areas you want to shave though. Once the cream is applied to desired area, take out a razor and swipe on face slowly. Press down on face a little. Not too much just enough to cause hair to shave.

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